Initiation and Jet Ski rental in Saint Cyprien
with or without license

St Cyp Jet Evasion 66
Initiation and Jet Ski rental in Saint Cyprien

Discover Jet Ski (initiation) renting a jet ski (special license needed)
or going on a jet ski ride on the catalane coast.
In any case, dream away !

With or without special license, enjoy Jet Ski sensation with St Cyp Jet Evasion. Find all our offers below.

Jet Ski rental (with special license)

Jet Ski rental conditions

If you have a coastal sea license, offshore or A license, you could rental a jet ski and enjoy by yourself (respecting navigation and safety rules). With a special license, there is no monitor riding with you. All information are available under “Regulation”.

The rental organization

After a warm welcome, we will need you to fill documents before you go.
Fill a rental contract and provide some documents.
There is a cloakroom to equip yourself (combination, lifejacket, …)
Once equipped, join the monitor to get briefed.
We will provide all information on safety, instructions for use of the jet and the navigation zones to respect.

Jet Ski rental (without special license)

Jet Ski initiation from 16 years old

Introduce yourself to jet skiing (without special licens, from 16, passenger 1m30). On your own Jet Ski (1 or 2 person(s)), follow your monitor for a safe supervisor.
Our instructors will take you in a navigation area where you can freely evolve on your jet ski, safely and without a license, but under the watchful and attentive eye of a professional ready to intervene for any problem or advice requested.

Jet Ski rides (without special license)

Without special license, from 16, passenger 1m30

Jet Ski rides

Several hikes are available, from the sandy coast to the coast of the Pyrénées Orientales. In a few minutes, discover the enchanting and wonderful landscapes …
Jet ski tours last from 45 minutes to 3 hours which will offer you the pleasure of discovering the Catalan coast. From Saint-Cyprien to Banyuls, passing by Cape Béar, you will have the leisure and the advantage of riding in a unique and preserved area.

Other Jet Ski rides

For groups and works councils, we offer half-day or day hikes … Feel welcome to send us your request. * Editable circuits according to atmospheric conditions.